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Table Basket in Massive Teak Wood

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Decorating a table with an object is customary. This table basket with a completely artistic and original design will contribute greatly. In the kitchen, in the dining room or possibly on the living room coffee table , on a desk or to accompany the decoration of a small professional salon. It will be noticed as it should and adorn the place. ...+

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Strangely sensual forms can induce the neophyte observer to a deceptive fragility. However, the wood connoisseur immediately guesses this different texture and unusual aesthetic possessed by the inimitable solid teak. As ashtray, empty-pocket or container for fruits, the decorative bowl is perfect in a modern interior.

When we let nature enter our interior, it is that we allow ourselves to return to the sources of the dwelling. Indeed, teak is a raw material that is very popular in construction, whether outdoors or indoors.

This beautiful warm light that envelops the space, putting the elements of decoration and the interior layout, must always be embellished with natural element, to fit with the contemporary trend. Critics are always appreciative of solid teak.

A bowl in solid teak

The transfer of wood from its role of builder to the task of decorator is so natural when you are in the presence of a raw material such as solid teak. Decorative object, both aesthetically useful and practical in everyday life, it is always believed to know what it is, until there is a new use. With the decorative bowl we have here is a real masterpiece that results from the imagination of the designers and a creative nature.

A decorative bowl in all its splendor

Such an aesthetic line can only be left as a building material. In the things that make a house a habitat, there are also the decorative elements. The decorative radiance of these accessories gives a real soul to your home. Many raw materials have been used for this purpose, but the massive teak that is the main element of this decorative bowl is another kind of story.

Dimension of the Solid Teak Table Top Basket

This flat basket of solid teak table to a depth of 5 cm and a thickness of 7 cm, 35 cm long, 39 cm wide and a height of 8 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 2.48 Kg.

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