Irregular Bench in Suar Wood

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This irregular bench made of suar wood is a product of the World's Art collection. With a unique design. It can be used in all rooms of the house. The kitchen, the dining room , the garden are the most classic places for such use. But depending on the personality of the host of the house, it can be placed in any room depending on the circumstances and even outside. ...+

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Wood is instinctively chosen by World's Art for interior decoration when we want to bring a natural aspect in the design and the interior and exterior layout of our habitat. There is now a tendency to keep and explore through the possibilities of natural forms. This gave this irregular bench made of suar wood which presents unique and unique lines.

The modern interior environment has been redefined in terms of decoration with the contribution of objects that exploits their personality and their presentation of nature. Wilderness has this very elegant adaptability in our unique interiors.

The wood is perfectly suited for interior decoration and the exterior by putting forward this natural design. Exotic wood is dominant in the area.

The natural look in the design

The wood is still there for a long time in our homes that tend to modernize more and more. Exotic wood meets an unequaled success in terms of elegance and solidity. A very warm and unusual aspect is always obtained when the manufacturer World's Art manages to respect the natural lines imposed by the environment and the meteorological hazards. With the website one can enjoy a real availability of designer furniture that was previously difficult to find.

The personality of exotic wood

Exotic wood continues its course in the decoration of our habitat. A renewable natural resource that enjoys an elegant and stylish, personalized and always unusual look in patterns resembling fingerprints. Scientists can determine the age of a tree by examining its trunk. With this bench, it is the whole life of this exotic wood that is sublimated and exposed by the designer manufacturer that only brings the utility aspect to the thing. It is nature that does all the work for him.

The dimensions of the irregular bench made of suar wood

Its weight of this bench is 42kg, as for its height of 46cm with a thickness of 7cm and a width of 40cm. And finally its length of 200cm.

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