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Irregular Cutting Board in Solid Teak Wood

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It's a small cutting board. It especially finds its place in the kitchen, but can be used in the dining room also. Made from a noble wood that is teak. Wood of great resistance and with proven decorative virtues. A new way of decorating the kitchen or decorating the dining room differently. ...+

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Today, the interior design and deco design no longer keep its distance from nature. On the contrary, we try to get closer to it, as much by the design as by the clothing and the finish of the raw material used. If you can afford to apply something, it will only to sublimate the appearance. The cream of the crop interior and exterior deco is the accessories that are closer to natural, as this Board Cutting Irregular Teak Massif that we have here.

We assume more and more this natural and rustic side in the interior modern decor. In the past years, we were trapped by impersonal raw materials and artificial, now this time is over.

The rise of the natural in the interior decoration

In a bygone era, modern objects in decoration were linked to an impersonal layer of paint or resin that gave shine to artificial and derived materials, such as plastic or metal. Now, we seem to be returning to the natural touch, Mother Nature's signature. For example, this Irregular Plank in solid teak with its particular shapes asserts its rustic side with the lines that are invaluable in modern design.

The age of wood as a decorative element

When we are offered massive teak, we do not want it to be something that changes its nature. Thus, the finish is only there to reveal the true nature of the wood. An honest and respectful design of what has been done at random is the way of contemporary interior designers. Today, we turn our backs on plastic and aluminum to return to a raw material used for thousands of years: wood.

Dimension of Irregular Cutting Board in Solid Teak

This Irregular Cutting Board in Solid Teak with a length of 33 cm, a width of 17 cm and a thickness of 1.5 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.49 kg.

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Dimension (L x l):   33 cm x 17 cm

Weight: 0.49 kg

Materials: Teck wood