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Japanese Lava Stone Lamp 6 Pieces

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This Japanese reconstituted lava stone lamp is composed of 6 pieces. This decorative object from the World's Art collection is an element of outdoor and garden landscaping. A decorative design object that will be captivating even without its lighting. Once lit, it will be even more highlighted. ...+

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The Japanese lava stone lamp consists of six pieces is a decorative element significantly leaning towards this optics of the exterior decoration. This rock imposes its power with a natural stone texture. 

The decorative feats from Asian countries have profoundly changed the spirit of the contemporary outdoor decor of the West. The Japanese stone lamp that we have here measures more than a meter in height for a weight that exceeds 43.20 kilos. 

The natural stone often holds a place outside the home, even if with this decoration, one can dare a presence in an interior. On a terrace or in a corner of the garden, the game of associations can be very poignant with the ground and the elements that we often see outside.

A modern and multicultural decorative art

The Western face in contemporary decoration is more than ever very trendy, both inside and out. Better yet, the styles blend in harmony to compose eclectic spaces and very well matched. If we are here today, it is because the globalization of the decorative arts has allowed all cultures to blend together to form a whole that characterizes the modern world. This Japanese lamp is the result of an act that highlights this association of inspirations.

The measurements of the Japanese lamp

Assembled, this puzzle suggests an unshakable stability, with 124 kilograms of total weight. A very remarkable visibility with 112 centimeters in height, which allows the object to be placed in plain view. An impression of freshness with this particular material and an elongated aspect, with this width that does not exceed 39 centimeters and the length of 42 centimeters.

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