Japanese Lava Stone Lamp 4 Pieces

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This Japanese 4-piece lava stone lamp from the World's Art collection is an imposing and visible decorative object. It is especially suitable for outdoor decoration . In particular, the decoration of the garden and the pool, even a small cottage outside. Relevant to a real artistic sense by the work of the stone and the cultural side with this Japanese style. ...+

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The Japanese lava stone lamp is very design. Fortunately it is divided into several parts, because it is very heavy. This decorative product is an ideal element for outdoor decoration, to decorate and highlight your garden or as a bright spot on your terrace.

Its pace is accentuated by this conceptual heritage that can be seen immediately on the roof of the building. Indeed, the Japanese lava stone lamp is made with a roof that is immediately recognizable by its sure Asian look.

The return of natural materials

Things have turned out well in the world of contemporary decoration, as the elements of decorations diversify and personalize in a global way. However, raw materials, like wood or rock, are given new importance. Here, it is the lava stone that plays the heroes of the outdoor or indoor layout, depending on the space available.

A Japanese lamp in four pieces

The four pieces of this Japanese lamp made essentially of lava stone weigh a total of 119 kilograms. The base is totally square, with sides measured at 39 centimeters. The height of the structure once mounted rises to 103 centimeters, which ensures a certain visibility even in a corner of the garden between the flowers.

The Asian imprint on the Japanese lamp

Stone is a raw material that resists wear. Outdoor decorative elements must rely on durable objects, which can pass through the years and the natural wear of atmospheric hazards. The rock is suitable for this outdoor use, carved in the oriental way to represent an Asian pagoda.

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