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Mask of Albesia Wood XL Gold Foil

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Wooden mask of albésia xl gold leaf from the World's Art collection. Passionate about mask? Owning a piece, made with exotic wood such as albésia wood and a gold leaf finish is a real privilege. It is a very decorative object. Hung alone or with other masks in a room designed for, it will be beautiful and attractive. Enhances in the same occasion the wall decoration . ...+

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The Western world is now artistically eclectic in its deco tastes. Universal history is a well of infinite inspiration for modern decorators. What we can say with the large wooden mask.

Over the years, representative arts from around the world have arrived in the Western world. Some have fascinated us, so as to become trendy objects for interior decoration. First there were the heads of wild animals, then it was the turn of ancestral and spiritual masks. The Albésia XL gold leaf wooden mask is a kind of longitudinal accessory that can be used in deco to play with shapes and height.

A mysterious mask

Returning to art where everything begins is to return to the ancient roots of the design of spiritually appealing objects. All the drawings of the old age can constitute a very trendy artistic decoration for the present time. Indeed, there is a return to the sources of human artistic inspiration, in the beginnings of thematic sculpture and abstract art. All civilizations have each succeeded in having a personality in their aesthetic representation of the human race.

A mask with a distinguished spirit

We can directly link art and human development. The cultural richness of each population often reveals peculiarities that distinguish them from their peers. This kind of mask is not trivial because they have a certain impact on the mind of the observer. The wooden mask of Albésia has a characteristic shape that must be welcomed with an open mind.

A traditional mask

The western world today draws all the inspiration to draw unusual items for interior decoration. Everything is particular today, the presentation, the aesthetics, yet we always come back to traditional footprints, to bring a lot of mystery in the atmosphere.

Size of the mask 

Its weight is 0.6kg, its width is 16cm and its height 100cm.

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CompositionsAlbésia wood
ColorNatural and gold