Round mirror In Piece of Varnished Teak Wood

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This Brown Albalwood Mirror from the World's Art collection can adorn a room in your home with a much appreciated luminosity effect. The quality of the wood is no longer to comment.It is a plus undeniable. A noble exotic wood with a great decorative virtue . The most classic is the bathroom but you can also install it hanging on a wall in another room ...+

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The old frames too smooth and impersonal are outdated in the modern interior design. We now have deco paintings with the misunderstood presentation, with unreal scenes. However, we can also enjoy the work of a designer manufacturer unmatched until now: Mother Nature.

The brown albresia mirror is a fierce representative of this natural imprint in contemporary interior design.

At the crossroads between modernity and naturalness, we have a decorative wall decoration accessory that brings its share of atmosphere in a room where it is installed. The width of more than thirty centimeters for a little less than forty for the height.

The brown mirror made of albésia wood is a real spectacle for the eyes of those who love nature in all its forms. We see the personality of exotic wood as never the Western public has seen it exposed. The first reaction is always this comparison between the different pieces that make up the frame. The whims of nature that are really worth being sublimated by the discreet finish.

An exotic-looking mirror

The power and magnitude of natural forces formed each characteristic line of an exotic tree trunk. On the brown mirror in wood of albésia, all the features that individualize each piece are preserved by the designer manufacturer who deliberately fades to let the exotic wood express itself freely.

The dimensions of the mirror

The raw material used remains a key element in the exterior design interior design. Garden furniture and web design favor decorative items with an exotic appearance that seems naked, despite a neat finish that is still quite discreet. The width of the brown albresia mirror is 34 centimeters and its height is 38 centimeters.

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Width X Height (cm) : 34 cm x 38 cm

Weight : 1.34 kg

Wood :  Albésia