Round Mirror Teak Wood Pieces Natural Finish

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It's a mirror made of teak. A large round mirror will increase the brightness of the room where it is installed and bring some perspective on the size of this room. The living room or hallway is recommended. This round mirror in teak piece natural finish apart from its classic use will contribute to the above-mentioned aspects. A design furniture that is an   object of decoration ...+

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The round mirror in natural finish teak has an ambivalent field of action in interior decoration. The mirror gives depth while changing the perspective in the room it decorates. The frame is quite suitable for a modern decor and design.

This also gives an unusual appearance since the personality of the exotic wood can express itself in all its splendor.

Ecoresponsible and deco

If you like the natural look in interior design, the round mirror in teak. The effects of the environment on the wood are perceptible by the rounds that form in the trunk. Each trunk is personalized and unique, which makes this mirror composed of pieces of teak so individual.

Exotic wood is practically intended for interior and exterior decoration. The designer has managed to glue pieces of teak together to arrange them roughly in an almost perfect circle. The modern decorative sphere is extremely fond of natural elements that display an exotic personality. Teak is not unknown in Europe because it is strongly used for contemporary decorative furniture and garden furniture.

A mirror that combines the materials

Effective for its aesthetic appeal, natural teak can also be combined with classic materials in the interior design. Having become habitual, we have associations of modern and exotic raw materials, marking the alliances with the elements. The circular shape is marked exceptionally by the natural presentation of sawn tree trunks surrounding the circular mirror.

The round mirror and its dimensions

The mirror has this heavy personality with the exotic wood and the decorative properties of the mirror. The designer manufacturer reveals the individuality of solid teak on a particularly very common element in all rooms of the house. Whether in the living room or the bedroom, through the dressing room and bathroom, you always need a stylish mirror. The whole weighs 12.60 kilos for a diameter of one hundred centimeters.

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Diameter: 100 cm
Weight: 12,60 kg
Materials: Piece of teak