Round mirror In Piece of Varnished Teak Wood

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This black mirror in albésia wood from the World's Art collection will take a not insignificant place in your interior decoration . Hanging on a wall of your bathroom, bedroom or possibly the living room. Its black color is quite classic, sober and versatile. Married with albésia wood, the design of this wall decoration object gave a greatly attractive design ...+

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Certain raw materials make it possible to perceive all the art design produced by nature. Here, the exotic wood is exploited in all its splendor to offer a design wall decoration worthy of an abstract painting. And yet, we associate a utility side to this decorative object that can take the role of wall painting design.

The exotic wood family has wonderful features for interior decoration and design garden landscaping. Albésia wood is distinguished by this perfect look to expose artistic grooves. Here, the four sides of a square mirror are bordered by this exceptional raw material.

Exotic wood has developed quite original characteristics. This made it a raw material of choice for construction, and later for Western modern interior decoration. In this category there is for example the wood of albésia which also allows design manufacturers to enjoy a look specific to the species.

The benefits of exotic wood

Some woods bring together different types of benefits. Resistance to moisture and robustness for example. This can be very useful for the design furniture that is sometimes installed outside, in the garden decoration for example. But there is also this beauty as intriguing as elegant. Here, the multiplication of pieces used for an assembly marks even more the artistic aspect of this object of decoration which is also a utility in the modern interior.

A mirror to observe

The magnificent black mirror made of albésia wood allows the observation of the remains of nature. But we also see his image, before going out or to prepare to do it. The exotic wood gives the measure of the refinement obtained by a raw material which shows its natural characteristics. The mirror has a width of 34 cm and a height of 38 cm. It has a thickness of 4cm

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Width X Height (cm): 34 cm x 38 cm

Weight: 1.34 kg

Wood: Albésia