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Red and Blue Decorative Paddle In Suar Wood

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World's Art presents an original article with very specific colors for an exceptional decoration. This red and blue decorative paddle in suar wood can contribute a lot. Wall decoration of taste. It would be perfect as a design object for the decoration of your living room , as well as for garden decoration. ...+

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The red and blue decorative paddle mixes the warm and unusual aspect with an exotic look that is recognizable by all. What is less known is that the style and shape with the dimensions are typical of the Indonesian region. A tool that allows you to move in the water and direct the frail.

The modern interior design has become a museum from different cultures. We are introduced to tools of exotic origin, as if we were in direct contact with distant peoples, through objects that in the aftermath offer an unusual design and slightly out of step with the Western world.

There are tools that have not changed for thousands of years in exotic cultures. Inspiring equipment that can give a special atmosphere in the modern decor and the layout of our interior. Exotic wood is naturally aesthetic and elegant. This is the material that is used to make this tropical paddle.

From the rustic to the modern interior decor

The paddle presented here is typical of Indonesian style. The Western touch of the designer manufacturer lies in the warm hues brought to offer an ambiguous appearance to a very classic material in wet and coastal areas. Even if we are at the forefront of technology, rustic objects made of exotic wood and with a particular design can have a very trendy and inspiring ornamental role in our modern interior.

A decorative paddle that looks great

The manufacturer has left its mark with a marriage of color rather improbable, but perfectly matches: red and blue. The best is to hang it on a wall as a trendy wall decor, you will not be disappointed with the look also if you choose a corner of the room or the top of the fireplace.

Dimension of the Red and Blue Decorative Paddle

This Red and Blue Decorative Paddle with a width of From 4 (High) to 16 (base) cm, for a height of 100 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.83 kg.

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WidthFrom 4 (high) to 16 (base) cm
CompositionsSuar Wood
ColorRed and Blue