Teak Wood Root Sculpture Natural Finish Size High & Large

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It is a sculpture made from a root. But not of any one. But a root of teak wood, which is known for its decorative virtues and its exceptional physical qualities. Of imposing shape and size, this object of decoration will be easily noticed from the top of its 129 cm in the living room for the decoration living room or other room of your choice ...+

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Nature has always been fascinating for humans. Natural, therefore, that the objects of nature, the smallest pieces of this complex environment, are important elements in the current design of interior decoration. In addition, nothing prevents us to sublimate this natural imprint with a touch of modernity. The solid teak has never been so up to date, when the modern and contemporary design has seized it to marry it with one of the flagship materials of this third millennium: the resin. The latter can bring color, transparency and also an exemplary finish, very popular in the design trend at the moment.

Teak wood in decoration

But natural Teak wood is just as impressive when it is transformed into decorative design objects. Like this Root Sculpture Teak Natural Finish Grande & Large which is simply beautiful.
 The large & wide natural teak root carving is a pure marriage between the noblest of building materials, very much in vogue in the contemporary interior decor, on the one hand. With the overflowing imagination of an artist-decorator of genius who does not stop surprising on the other hand.

A natural finish

Although as previously mentioned, teak magnifies very well with other substance. In this case the resin, it is just as nice to see in natural finish. An idea Decoration that seems to have its followers. The quality of the wood with a careful natural treatment renders a rare beauty that will exult your interior

The teak root carving natural finish large & wide format is something attractive by definition. This sculpture immediately attracts attention, as these stars that surround us and captivate our imagination

Elegance and robustness of teak wood

Few kind of woods have the elegance and solidity of solid teak. It is an element perfectly adapted to the game of interior and exterior decoration, with the warmth of its shades of colors that give it this captivating aspect. Relaxing and calming, the green tone is perfect for environments where there are green, artificial or natural plants.

The characteristics of Sculpture

The large and wide natural teak root carving is a large decorative object of 16 centimeters in diameter. 7.8 kilograms that can easily fill a space with its height of 129 cm which brings a exotic touch much sought after in the modern trend in interior decoration. The square base on which it rests has a side of 24 cm.

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Base size24 x 24cm
CompositionsTeak Wood
ColorNatural Finish