Giant Natural Teak Wood Root Sculpture

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Owning an object of decoration similar to this giant natural teak root carving will illuminate the room in which you will install it with beauty and originality. The living room would be the main choice. This 230 cm tall sculpture will find its place as a work of art in your home. It will impress more than one, by its design, its beauty and the natural color of teak wood. ...+

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In a rigid and natural momentum, the teak root extends almost rectilinear to sink into the earth and seek the necessary nutrients to form its solid and elegant trunk. This exotic wood is particularly appreciated for its personalized presentation and solid structure that resists all external attacks, bad weather or insects.

Available in the collection offered by World's Art, this giant natural teak root carving is a decorative object that has a large size, since it exceeds amply two meters. It can be used in an interior or exterior design as a design object for individuals or as a store deco. Its straight pace allows it a place in a corner to be admired by visitors.

A wood for contemporary deco

The molecular structure of some exotic woods such as solid teak allows the designer to show the individuality of natural raw materials in all their splendor. And it's not just a classic use, as is the case with contemporary decorative furniture, that is, working the trunk to make boards or designer furniture. Here for example, we have sublimated a simple solid teak root to make a decorative object design particularly impressive in size, but also very remarkable for its presentation in a natural way.

A personalized decorative sculpture

The natural color and finish allow the giant teak root carving to propel itself into the ranks of modern decorative objects that highlight this intuitive and vague touch offered by the personality of the environment. The Indonesian style is easily expressed with the raw material of choice, worked with discretion by the designer to fit with any interior and exterior decoration.

The diameter of this teak sculpture is 18 centimeters, for a height of 230 centimeters. It has a base of 46 x 56 centimeters and all for a weight of 20,40 kilos on the scale.

Dimension of Teak Root Sculpture

This giant natural teak root carving has a base of 46 x 56 cm, a diameter of 18cm, for a height of 230 cm. As for his weight, he weighs 20.40 kg

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Base size46 x 56cm
CompositionsTeak Wood
ColorNatural finish