Column Design in Solid Teak Pieces

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It is customary at this time to join art and decoration at World's Art. Teak wood, even in pieces, surprises. We can do very beautiful things with. Like this decorative column in teak pieces natural finish from the World's Art collection. Placed in a corner to decorate the living room or at the entrance of your home, this  object of decoration will be noticed and remarkable. ...+

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It has largely exceeded the stage of artificial raw materials in the modern interior decor. The contemporary world is rather fond of natural elements, with a slight touch of modernity in the finish that only sublimates the result.

Creativity knowledge support

The work of the modern designer today is to reveal the three pillars of a natural accessory: the rustic side and the random geometric shape, as well as the nuances of colors. The decorative block pieces of natural teak is a perfect example of this new modern decorative trend in the interior of the home.

As is the case with background music or the light that sifts the space, decorative objects can give a special atmosphere to where they are arranged and how they fit together. The intervention of the modern designer remains in the sublimation of the article to give it this contemporary look so sought after.

Modern design and interior design

In modern design, simple geometric shapes are a mine of inspiration that can be used to our advantage. A raw material with good aesthetic qualities is often as decorative as it is useful in the modern house. Teak for example, is as solid as it is beautiful to look at. It resists wear and moisture. This makes it one of the much appreciated materials for interior and exterior decoration.

A decorative block with natural look

Nature can express emotions for those who know how to decipher the lines she has drawn. Everyone remembers seeing the rounds seen at the cut of a trunk. Features that create inimitable designs that can be enhanced by a minimalist and adapted finish.

Decorative Column Size Natural Teak Pieces

This Decorative Column Pieces Natural Teak with a length of 40 cm, a height of 100 cm and a width of 40 cm. As for his weight, he weighs 26.70 kg.

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Weight26,7 kg
Length40 cm
Width40 cm
Height100 cm
CompositionsTeak Wood