Natural Teak Sculpture Natural Black Finish

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Real root in natural solid teak black finish. Nothing is more beautiful than the natural. This sculpture not conceived by the man is quite original, because coming from the earth is a unique piece. The teak both noble and precious wood will enhance the room where it is. In your stay or your office or even elsewhere, it will enthrall in your privacy and will promote the atmosphere. ...+

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With its sixty centimeters high, this root of the teak range, is a piece of character. The black finish sublimates the personality of this solid wood, to give a boost of imagination caused by this arrangement that seems so natural.

We would always like to understand what is behind the design of a decorative element. The idea that germinates and the realization of the work can nevertheless remain simple by following the clues left by nature. An ornament does not always have this utilitarian vocation. But his role is always important in the layout of the space and the spirit he peddles.

The diversity of decorative currents can leave the neophyte confused. However, we must distinguish between what is artistic and what is decorative. Of course, we can have a marriage between the two, like the sculpture in natural solid teak black finish.

The shape of a modern sculpture

The best moments of interior decoration are when we use the gifts of nature. The moment of awareness has finally come. The environment and time use the wood in such an elaborate way that the result is always breathtaking. This is seen intensely on contemporary ornamental elements such as solid teak sculpture. We do not need a geometrically extraordinary form and necessarily symmetry in the presentation. The trend has turned slightly to the impromptu and abstract aspect of art.

An eccentric and modern decoration

You can easily get away with decorating when you know how to choose the right elements and their location. In terms of decoration, we have something classic when we talk about solid teak. Only, we often hear about this wood when it comes to outdoor furniture and the patio floor. However, with a new generation of eccentric decorators, we have so much more aesthetic possibilities, like this sculpture in black finish natural solid teak.

The dimensions of the Natural Black Finish solid teak carving are as follows.

Its weight is 1.5 kg, and its height is 50 cm. As for its size of the base of 16.5 x 17 cm. Finally, its diameter is 9 cm

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Dimension (h):   50 cm

Poids :  1,5 kg

Style : Indonésien

Base size16 x 16
CompositionsTeak wood and steel
ColorBlack finition