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Natural Teak Carving White Finish

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Real root in natural solid teak black finish. Out of earth, carved from the ground, a teak root is mounted like a plastic art in natural sculpture . Cleaned, worked and painted black. Placed in your living room or other room that you appreciate, this artwork, used as a decorative object , with its natural design and sober color will enhance your interior. ...+

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Teak has always been used to appropriate space. We put it on the ground or on the walls, we make furniture ... Now this kind of wood has earned its acclaim in decorative art.

It is no longer a simple dressing of space to make it a place of life. It is especially a way to sublimate the place to develop its aesthetic assets. The sculpture in natural solid teak with white finish is entirely designed for this purpose quite commendable for the followers of contemporary interior decoration.

The natural beauty of solid teak does not need much to be worthy of the delicate role of decorative accessory. The natural grooves on the wood do not leave the imagination of the designers, on the contrary, they were sublimated by the finish that highlights the unique character of the room.

The shape of the sculpture in solid teak

A phallic, longitudinal and suggestive aspect. An ambiguity that does not sow doubt when one notices this broader basis. The neophyte who does not yet know how to decipher the abstract art would undoubtedly deduce a pedestal which is supposed to bring stability to the decorative accessory. Be that as it may, it is a prodigy of technique that takes advantage of the anatomy of wood for a constructive aesthetic composition based on a naturally noble element.

A new kind of interior decor

A new era of interior decoration began with the appearance of these abstract art objects that are used for interior decoration. The time for the return of the natural touch has come. We do not always know what that means, but our imagination does the rest. Moreover, the material offers a beautiful subject of reflection, when one looks at the sculpture in natural solid teak with white finish

Dimension of Natural Teak Sculpture Natural White Finish

This sculpture in natural solid teak finish white to a base of 21 x 16 cm and a diameter of 12 cm and a height of 54 cm. As for his weight, he weighs 2.50 Kg.

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Dimension (h):   54 cm
Weight : 
2,5 kg
Style : Indonesian

Base size2,40
CompositionsTeak Wood