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Wooden Suar Buddha Statue

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To have the representation of Buddha is a rather usual inspiration. Not only in a spiritual need, to have a Zen attitude. But also it is a very influential personality in the interior decoration and modern exterior . Statue made with a suar wood of very good quality, quality of finishing without equal outstanding, hello the decoration of the living room. ...+

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Western civilization has failed to remove ancient religions that have been present for millennia. On the contrary, the Asian Art Deco style has infiltrated the new interior designs. With an exotic wood as raw material, we add another soothing side.

The suar wood Buddha statue is one of those new contemporary decorative objects found in modern Western circles.

A symbol of peace and self-control known throughout the world, an iconic figure that is now used for decorating and landscaping. The statue weighs 1.50 kilo for a length of 12 centimeters, a width of 26 and a height of 33.

Now, the furniture design goes back to the simplest, exotic things. For decorative objects, we return to the ancient civilizations that inspired an art quite strange for the western lambda. When speaking of the Buddha, his sitting posture, legs crossed and the right hand raised as a sign of peace.

A simple but inspiring statue

The Buddha's face is still calm, his closed eyes indicate his deep trust in the human soul. Here, it is carved in suar wood, with a light touch of white finishing to accentuate the details of the statue. The designer manufacturer remained simple without ostentatious lines. Art design that relies solely on the image to inspire the observer.

An exotic statue

Exotic wood as raw material greatly simplifies things when it comes to garden decoration or interior design. His aesthetic is a theater of improvisation of nature. With a discreet finish, but well applied, we have an object of decoration that can go in any type of environment, interior or exterior.

The dimensions of the Buddha statue Suar Wood

His weight is 1.56 kilograms. Then, its length is of width: 26 x 12 centimeters. Finally, its height is 33 centimeters.

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Dimension (L x W x H): 26 cm x 12 cm x 33 cm
Weight: 1.56 kg