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Statue of Buddha Carved in Lava Stone

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At the same time an article of decoration, a source of inspiration and meditation by the Buddha that it represents. Made from a lava stone, this carved statue is a true work of art . Used for interior or exterior decoration, especially as garden furniture. This design sculpture will find its place to bring a zen side to your atmosphere. ...+

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Placed in a room such as the living room or bedroom as an ornament, you will be in a real Zen atmosphere.

A deco statue

If the misunderstanding of ancient ancient and ancient civilizations and religions is a distant memory, today's contemporary interiors and modern garden arrangements include exotic wood and volcanic stone. This brings a distant inspiration that can bring a special touch to the space that welcomes it.

When the West has turned to other inspirations in terms of garden decoration or living room layout, it has incorporated decorative elements that represent ancient cultures and sacred customs. The volcanic stone Buddha statue in his favorite break is one of them.

A sacred character of Asian culture is always welcome to bring a more ancient and exotic dimension to modern interior design. Of course, this kind of accessory is also appreciated as a decorative object for gardens and outdoor environments.

A statue of great value

The historical and cultural values ​​coming from Asian countries have an inspiration that has been good for contemporary garden decoration and landscaping. We like to use exotic wood and volcanic stone to install the particularly symbolic atmosphere. Here is a classic representation, which is known worldwide, which was chosen. In some eastern countries, the posture is reproduced in all sizes, in all materials, and in front of all important buildings.

The characteristics of the statue

This Buddha here measures 56 centimeters in height, for a width of 35 centimeters and a length of 47cm. His weight is 43.2 kilos. A real authentic sculpture of the Buddha with crossed legs in meditation position. He is represented with a headgear that gives him a royal look. The Balinese volcanic stone and its particular color accentuate the exotic effect, as it is the case with some solid woods for outdoor decoration and contemporary interior design.

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