Design Natural Bowl in Solid Teak Wood

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This empty pocket design in solid natural teak from the World's Art collection is a very useful article. To store the various objects and avoid possible scattering of the contents of his pockets. Such as: key, and recover them easily. It is a furniture of decoration which would make it possible to arrange furniture such as a table or other pieces. Or for the decoration of an office ...+

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Teak is an exotic wood renowned and appreciated for its beauty. It is really elegant when the design manufacturer's finish does not hide his personality shaped by nature. It is surprising by its look and its warm colors that arouse ecstasy in the area it decorates.

Her secret boot is in the lines she wears on the texture of her trunk. 

The most famous exotic wood is accustomed to contemporary interiors by its style and presentation. The plant life here shows all its secrets with this kind of large bowl that can be used as a vacuum-pocket design made with solid natural teak. 

There are design deco objects that immediately touch the hearts of the observers. Solid teak is one of those with a certain future in the interior decoration trend. Its warm and welcoming side is a considerable asset.

A solid and massive material

Solid and solid, the teak is by nature an element that is stable when it is in block. It is indeed an exotic wood that can weigh between 700 and 800 kilos per cubic meter, which proves a density and hardness to any test. The lines of its cut trunk give subtleties and characteristic features that give a beauty to the raw material. Qualities that deserve to be sublimated by the touch of the designer manufacturer.

A modern interior decorating element

All interior and exterior design consultants agree that the best is to add natural elements in the interior design if you want to bring a warm look to the whole. The personality is easy to have with raw materials whose virginity is still visible, without the hues that hide the individuality of the element. The design pocket-drawer made of solid natural teak

Size of Empty Pocket Design in Teak Natural Massif

Its weight is 2.36 kg, its diameter 30 cm and depth 5 cm. As for its height 9 cm.

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Diameter: 30 cm

Weight: 2.38 kg

Styles: Indonesian

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