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Little Natural Bowl in Solid Teak Wood

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It's an empty pocket. An interior decoration design object also recognized for its practical aspect. This small empty pocket solid natural teak is a very effective way to deposit the usual items that are lugged in his pockets. Being able to be considered like a small piece of furniture given its size, it will occupy your office or other furniture in any room according to oneself. ...+

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when we come to look at an interior piece of solid teak, we are always ecstatic in front of the beautiful recognizable lines that appear on the surface, when it is not hidden by a too invasive finish of the designer manufacturer.

Fortunately, the modern trend in contemporary interior design is to leave the natural as it is.

It is not easy to work exotic wood like solid teak. The raw material is known for its elegance that one prefers rather reveal instead of covering, using a finish that lets the hand of nature expose its particular aesthetic.

A decorative object full of personality

To obtain a deco design object that can give personality to our interior or outdoor garden, we often choose something that has personality, which is solid and can give a special atmosphere to the space that we wants to decorate. This small, solid natural teak storage box comes directly from modern web design, preserving this natural look and the warm look of the presentation. It is solid, elegant and known for the configuration of its lines ideal for a striking show in your interior or exterior decoration.

A trendy decorative object

The interior decoration trend is now in a quest for maximum closeness with the natural and vague forms. The designer manufacturer works in concert with a creative and inspired nature that is a big part of the design. This wedding has changed our contemporary interiors to welcome and meet many elements from distant lands such as exotic woods. Imagine a harmony between design furniture and decorative elements to give space to the interior and exterior arrangement that goes with it.

Size of Small Empty Pocket Teak Natural Massif

This small empty pocket solid natural teak to a depth of 3 cm, a thickness of 3 cm and a diameter of 17.5 cm, for a height of 4 cm. As for his weight, he weighs 0.44 kg.

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World's Art offers other decorative items to complement the decoration of your hallway, you can look in our subcategory object that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful small empty pocket solid natural teak. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Dimension (h):   4 cm

Weight: 0,44 kg

Materials: Teck wood

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