Luxury Exotic Wood Table Design Sculpted Scales

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Three meters dedicated to happiness and sharing with family and friends. This table is made of natural solid suar from the World's Art collection. The decorative aspect of this work of art designed with this noble exotic wood, contributes to the decoration. A unique piece to display as a simple decorative object in a large house indoors or outdoors. ...+

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What is good with wood is that it can keep its natural imprint. A characteristic that makes you want when you are adept looking sought after, but modern and abstract. The natural solid suar table with carved scales is a marriage of furniture with the artistic side.

A table that plays a fair game

We can now believe in all the qualities of nature. There is the presentation that never disappoints lovers of abstract art. When there is a natural imprint in the aesthetics, it is always an advantage over a piece of furniture. Often when we hide the personality of the wood with the finish is that there are defects to hide. With the natural solid suar, one does not need to hide the face to forget the artistic aspect. One does not take refuge behind a mask of varnish to hide the imperfections, on the contrary one shows one's individuality and one asserts one's personality.

A table that is different

Sitting around a table in natural solid suar is a special privilege. The space is different at every corner of the table, letting our imagination follow the irregular lines. We often use straight lines and rows on classic tables. Here it is different, because there is matter to study. The history of wood is seen in its grooves, interrupted by the sculpture that sublimates the upper space of this large table where it is good to meet.

Size of the table in massive suar natural carved scales

This table is made of solid suar natural carved scales with a thickness of 10 cm, a length of 300 cm, a width of 115 cm, and a height of 80 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 187 kg.

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