Decorative Design Teak Wood Tray for Tableware

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This irregularly shaped decorative tray is a decorative design object from the World's Art collection. Decorative, certainly, it can also serve as a basket of fruit or empty-pockets on a table or a console. Identifying the shapes in modern interior design is somewhat difficult. Nevertheless we love this uncertainty in the presentation proposed by our designer. ...+

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The pursuit of the natural look emphasizes raw materials with strong characters, as is the case of teak that is used wisely for this tray that can also be used as a basket for fruits or empty pockets. 

An explosion of nuances and a finish that sublimates the presentation. This is what we have to summarize the appearance of this creation proposed by World's Art that can be put in the kitchen as well as in the garden. 

Made in a noble decorative material, the basket for fruit that we present you. Decorative element that can ensure the ornament of a table, it is an object that has all the characteristics of the modern trend in its design.

A teak basket with special shapes

The irregular shapes do not bother anyone in contemporary interior and exterior decoration. On the contrary, we give more importance to misunderstood and misguided conceptions. The signs of modern art lie in the imagination of laying out elements that give importance to chance. The natural touch is preserved, highlighting the individual nuances that can hardly be artificially reproduced.

A basket with natural paces

Today we learn to appreciate unusual shapes and unexpected appearance. We see the importance gained by the presentation of natural features. Wood, for example, teak in particular, is very appreciated for its durable properties and its exotic, always warm look. Thus, this fruit basket that can be used in different ways can give a special atmosphere when placed in the middle of the table. And that even if it is empty.

Dimension of the Decorative Tray for the Table

This Decorative Tray for the Table to a depth of 1.5 cm, a thickness of 3.5 cm, 55 cm in length, 51 cm in width. As for his weight, he weighs 2.30 Kg.

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