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The mask is the new wall decoration trend that is no longer hidden. A wind of shamanism blows on your interior that seizes the spirit of the masks to cast a spell on your walls.


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Impossible to miss him in this season! The vase, design, with or without flowers is according to the tastes, imposes itself as an essential deco element.


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On our shop, you will find a selection of rare, authentic, as well as functional, furniture to decorate your interior (and your exterior): kitchen tables, coffee tables or dining tables, stools, chairs, benches, etc. As well as many decorative objects, all more unique and original than each other.


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A work of art, is an aesthetic physical element or an artistic creation, resulting from a human activity and generally made by an artist


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Epoxy resin is a two component thermosetting liquid polymer *: a base resin and a hardener.
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